Violet FlameThe Violet Flame is a most precious gift from our Father/ Mother God. The purpose of this gift is to assist humanity with transmuting all our misqualified energies, all our human miscreations of thoughts, words and actions, past, present and future, back into Immortal Christ Perfection.

Beloved Saint Germain has lovingly brought forth the knowledge of The Violet Flame to the consciousness of humanity. In the Higher Octaves – Heaven, He is known as the Lord of Freedom, and has pledged to sustain the Violet (Freedom) Flame on our dear Earth for the benefit of all life evolving here. This He will do for the next two thousand years. In this capacity He is the Keeper of the Violet Flame. Saint Germain lovingly sustains this gift from our Father/Mother God for every Son and Daughter of God in this Universe.

At this most trying and critical time on Earth, Saint Germain is working with the help of all the Heavenly Hosts. Every Ascended Master, Angel, Archangel, Elohim and Cosmic Being is partaking in this joint effort with Saint Germain to help Mother Earth and all life upon her to Ascend into the 5th dimension.

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