COVER_SO15How things can change in the blink of an eye. A river poisoned, a loved-one with a life-threatening diagnosis, a friend unexpectedly exiting the body temple. These are the things that mold us, shape us. After the initial shock passes, we can choose to allow these kinds of events to harden us, or to open us. We can use them as evidence of a random universe, or we can take them as impulses that move us closer and closer to understanding our spiritual and vibrational nature.

It’s not easy, but herein is where our deep work lies. Michael Beckwith frequently uses the example of a caterpillar in the cocoon. “Can you imagine if the caterpillar tried to protect and defend itself against change?” Of course we know that the result of that metamorphosis is a beautiful butterfly. The same can be true of we humans; if we just don’t resist what is happening around us, if we can do the hard work of embracing all that is unfolding, we too, can make a shift into a thing of peace and beauty. Peace and beauty are, after all, part of our inherent nature.

Allowing our inherent nature to shine forth does not equate to passivity. It is in the bringing forth of our natural gifts, talent and abilities that we create the foundational, vibrational shifts that underlie our human evolution. I for one am convinced that we are progressing on that infinite spiral of change. And I believe that the change will be for the better: a thing of peace and beauty.

We must be willing to let go of our comfortable cocoons of materialism. We can no longer think only of ourselves. Events such as the poisoning of the Animas can serve to bring us together as a community, becoming more aware of the needs of the collective for clean water, clean air, clean and sustainable energy. Knowing that everything is vibrational, it also highlights the poison that exists in our collective unconscious that we must take responsibility to address.

If we remain focused on our individual survival, we become (or remain) disenfranchised. Can we feel our fears and step forward anyway? Can we let go of any notion that we are separate, small and powerless? Can we embrace our gifts and bring them forward for the sake of human evolution? Do we have the courage to allow that internal, eternal spark of passion consume us? We can and we do. And nothing less than a New Heaven and a New Earth await us.

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