Re-Rooting Ourselves

Young children allow themselves to be enchanted by the flutter of a butterfly, the colors of a rainbow, or the sounds of thunder after the morning birdsong. Instinctually, they know they are a part of nature. Does the beauty and power of nature still captivate your attention?

In our modern culture, we are taught to grow away from nature. Walls separate us from the sounds and images of leaves blowing in the wind and the smell of rain falling across the landscape. Work schedules keep our minds locked in lists of things to do. We must respond to our phones, our emails; yet, the cost is high. We forget we belong to the natural world and lose our connection to it as well as our own wild depths.

Indigenous peoples, from whom we all originate, did not experience themselves as separate from nature. They lived in a way that honored the sacred relationship between humans and the Earth. Without this relationship, humans feel lost in the modern world and may not even be conscious of why.

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