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COVER_ND15Another season; another year drawing to a close; another opportunity to flow with the rhythms of nature. We may recognize that with the onset of shorter days and cooler temperatures that it is natural for us to spend more time in a state of introspection. The question is, will we follow that instinct? And if so, what form does our contemplation take?

What does introspection and contemplation look like for you? As we approach the end of the year, an arbitrary cycle of time mind you, is your contemplative time filled with self-criticisms and self-judgments? Do you ruminate about goals set that were not achieved? Is your introspection an inventory of all that has yet to be accomplished, both internally, perhaps in the form of qualities not yet embodied and externally, perhaps in the form of desires unmet?

Have you ever wondered where this comes from, this primary tendency to see through the lens of what’s missing, wrong, or lacking in any given situation or experience? Most of us are awake and aware enough to know that it must arise from some sort of disharmony, some misalignment, some internal conflict that is outwardly expressing itself, some sense of inner struggle that we are unwittingly embodying. And this is where responsibility and commitment come in. Do we love ourselves enough to do the hard work? The hard work of uncovering, and witnessing with compassion and without judgment, our own unique brand of insanity.

Most of us may find it easy to be peaceful when we are meditating or doing yoga or we are out in nature. But what about when we are at work with colleagues that push our buttons, or at a family gathering where our expectations are not being met? Is it them? Or is it our own disharmony, misalignment and internal conflict that are being projected? I believe it is the latter. If the spiritual practices that we engage in remain at the periphery of our lives, then it stands to reason that the peace, joy and harmony we are seeking will remain at the periphery of our lives.

We need to cultivate a deep, central practice, not just one that safely skims the surface, that allows us to continue projecting our disharmony. It is time to BE our spiritual nature, to align with that part of ourselves that is eternal, to be vulnerable enough to do the hard work. When our inner landscape is truly peaceful, then we create a world of everlasting peace.

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In this issue:

  • How You Got Stuck
  • 5 Tips to Improve Digestion
  • River of Soul: Water and Our Beloved Animas
  • That Was Then: A Story of Self-Acceptance & Vulnerability
  • An Ecological Responsibility
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