COVER_N-D_2014-2As we approach the winter, it is encoded in our nature to become more introspective. But as a human race we have developed many unnatural habits that have distanced us from the cycles of the natural world. The Earth, and Nature herself, is evolving. So coming into alignment with these natural rhythms is not ‘turning back’ or ‘sacrificing’, we are merely helping one another find our way in a whole new landscape.

If you ever had any doubt that we store unresolved emotions in our bodies, well let’s just say the current energies have been doing some deep excavation work. I will testify to this. Readers, have you also been having these, “WOW! Where did THAT come from?” moments? There is a reason those emotions are unresolved: because we didn’t feel safe when they first arose.

But a fleeting recognition of what we have unconsciously been carrying is not enough to create a lasting change in our vibrational set point. Once we have the recognition, we have to go even deeper, exploring that which has remained a mystery to us, but is affecting our daily decisions, which in turn creates our external reality.

In this process, we have to go beyond the intellect, beyond thinking about feeling to actually feeling. That is really the only way we can transmute the old energy and accommodate new habits. There are lots of methodologies to help us do this. I love journal writing and recommend it, but the methodology, in this case writing, is not the end in itself. It is the opening that writing creates by sloughing off the habitual thoughts of the surface mind. That opening is the portal we all need to shift frequencies and change our habitual vibration.

I have heard some in spiritual circles say that ‘we are done releasing’. Well, I cannot agree with that statement. I see life as process oriented. Throughout our lives we will endlessly encounter new experiences, each one giving us an opportunity to get better and better at mastering ourselves, our energy, our emotions, our thoughts and our spiritual practices. Release, to me, is not a ‘one and done’ phenomenon. It is a tool we employ over and over again; one that is essential for navigating the new landscape.

This is where trust comes in. We have to trust that even the unexpected twists and turns hold brilliant treasures for us. The Soul knows; it knows far beyond our myopic perspective what it needs to flourish. Here’s hoping this issue provides you with tools to excavate, release and create a lasting shift.

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In this issue:

  • The Only Constant is Change
  • Conversations with Your Mind
  • Surrender
  • In Love with Numbers
  • The Fertile Darkness


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