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March-April 2017

Sometimes when I initiate Reiki Senseis, they will call or email me post-attunement and tell me they are feeling anxious. I usually tell them to describe the physical sensations without putting a label on it. When I talk them into a place where they are able to let go of the mind’s tendency to label, they become comfortable knowing that what they are feeling is just a new vibration, a higher frequency of energy than they have been accustomed to.

I am doing my best to take my own advice. We are only a few months into 2017 and the label my mind has come up with is INTENSE. Lisa and I were very ready to let go of 2016, as it held many challenges and painful moments for both of us. Our eagerness to be rid of 2016 has only been met with even more challenges, leading each of us to a point of deep introspection.

Doing my best to stay present and not to label, I have asked myself, “Am I in resistance? Have I done everything I can to digest and integrate the lessons of the previous year? Where am I headed? What do I want for the rest of my time here on Earth?” Trying to feel rather than think my way to the “answers.” Several times already this year I have found myself laughing to the point of tears; intense extremes.

Similarly Lisa has asked, “Have I contributed creatively each day of my life? Am I contributing too little? Or in some instances have I contributed too much, enabling others and interfering with the path to fulfilling their own creative potential?”

We are both questioning how much time we have and how that time can be filled in a way that is of the greatest service. Do we have another day? Year? Five years? Thirty-five years? And what adds value to our lives? We may not come up with the same answers, but we will use this question as a mantra, “Does this add value to my life? Does this thought, this relationship, this house, this material object, this job add value?” Lisa recently added a second mantra and that is the question: “Really?”

We invite you to use these mantras too. No matter what answers you come up with to the first mantra, the second mantra, “Really?” is such a clarifying question! So much so that we laughed at the thought of just using, “Really?” as the entire publishers’ note!

As we were putting this issue together we were moved by the depth of wisdom in our community. So many compassionate sages we can call on for support. Not to give us answers, but skilled guides who accompany us on that journey inward. For Lisa and I what adds value is knowing that E.P.I.C. is a place where seekers have regular access to such wisdom. That is why we are expanding E.P.I.C. nationwide; because every community has its compassionate sages and now is the time for them to have a collective voice.

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In this issue:

  • Spontaneous Healing
  • Exploring Unworthiness
  • Love in Action: An Empowered Matrix
  • Music’s Unifying Effect
  • The Creator
  • Creating Effective Affirmations


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