I never planned to fall in love with numbers. It wasn’t supposed to be a lifelong love affair. But now, 20 years after first learning about numerology, the passion still burns and the numbers still share their secrets.

It started innocently when a friend showed me how numerology worked by simply adding together the numbers in my birth date. They totaled 33. Then she added those two numbers together. 3 + 3 = 6. “The number 6 is your Life Path,” she said. “The number of love.”

Until then, I thought numbers were just for measuring things like time, money and years. But numbers are much more than just mathematics or accounting tools. Numbers have profound meaning.

“The number of love.” How, I wondered, could the number 6 have anything to do with love? So I bought a book, and then another, and then more. I worked for years to understand what each number represents and how they interact. As I observed them in my own life, I came to better understand myself and to recognize the influence of numbers in the personalities of others. I saw how numbers affect our relationships and choices.

We all have a personal chart, connected to our day of birth and our birth names. And, specific cycles and patterns ripple through our lives like currents in a river. But more than that, in the world of numbers, our hearts, souls, and destinies intertwine.

Numbers are keys to wisdom, guides to the future, and decoders of the mysteries of life. And they reveal the truth within the minds and hearts of people. But you have to understand them and form a bond so that their messages can be interpreted faithfully. A true numerologist spends a lifetime creating this bond – every day with every single number they see. It becomes a mission, a gift, an obsession.

I’d like to introduce you to the numbers. Some are already a part of you. Some you have met in others. I hope you will intentionally look for them and recognize them when you see them. They are, after all, everywhere and in all things.

Number 1 is Force. Independent and impatient. A straight-shooter who seeks adventure and leaps without looking. Sometimes, though, he gets confused, surrenders his power, and has no motivation. He wants to do his own thing without interference… and he wants someone to praise him for it.

Number 2 is Allegiance. Sweet, sensitive and sympathetic. A compassionate peacemaker who loves helping others. She’s very patient and tolerant, unless pushed too far. Cross her and, in her own time and in her own way, she will balance the scales. She gives all of her heart and expects nothing less in return.

Number 3 is Expression. Joy, light and communication. She loves life, people, drama, and beauty. She lights upon one thought and moves instantly to the next. But making final decisions and commitments is almost impossible for her and she is emotionally challenging. Each new moment brings either a storm or a rainbow.

Number 4 is Stability. Predictable and orderly. Disciplined and righteous. There are right ways and wrong ways – and he’ll tell you which is which. He’s as constant as the rising sun and you can count on him. Life isn’t easy for him because he always sees something, or someone, that needs fixing, so his work is never done.

Number 5 is Movement. A free spirit interested in everything, and the first to try anything fresh, new, exciting and fun. Magnetic and charming, he thrives on change and stimulation. He gets into trouble if he’s confined for too long because it’s very hard for him to get moving again. And he needs to keep moving.

Number 6 is Love. Nurturing, supportive and responsible. She is perceptive, efficient, compassionate, and bossy. She gives generously, but there are loving strings attached and she isn’t afraid to pull them. She needs love and she needs to be needed, so she’ll make life so easy and comfortable that you’ll never want
to leave her.

Number 7 is Perception. Analytical, logical, intuitive, spiritual. A composite of all energies that move between head and heart. Neither male nor female, they have a childlike quality. Emotions are challenging and they aren’t comfortable with them. They prefer to live in their own gifted minds and create fantasy worlds in solitude.

Number 8 is Power. A courageous visionary. He understands the privileges and challenges of power and it is his gift and his curse. He knows it can be used to help or to hurt, to give or to take. When his heart is true and benevolent, his power grows. When his heart is closed and greedy, his power wanes. He must choose.

Number 9 is Passion. Humanitarian, idealistic and wise, she finds perfection in all things… or she sees none at all. She watches the world from a great height and wants to make it better. She is beauty and purpose… or hopelessness and despair. She is here to channel the universal flow, so her perspective is everything. Light or darkness is hers to share.

Now, add the numbers in your birth date, and then add those two numbers together to find your single digit Life Path number. Compare it to the above description of that number. If you can claim the meaning of your Life Path, you’ve opened the door to something special. You may not be in love, but even liking the numbers will be enough.

This is just a mere peek at the meaning of numbers. They are complex energies and trying to define them is like carrying a lake in a bottle. It doesn’t all fit. And like a lake, the numbers are beautiful and sustaining and deep and fathomless. But they will share their beauty with all who seek them. They are divine messengers, enfolding the universe within them, and offering insight and clarity to all things. Let them share their wisdom with you.

Shey Zen is a Spiritual Numerologist and Certified Professional Coach specializing in transformational and spiritual life coaching. She teaches classes and workshops in person and by phone and provides private numerology readings and life coaching available through her website at www.FaceBook.com/NumbersbyShey

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