Learning to FlyDid you know that dragonflies start their lives as nymphs, living in the water for up to five years before wriggling their way up a piece of grass and birthing themselves into adulthood? Unlike caterpillars that go into a cocoon to transform into butterflies, dragonfly nymphs transform into dragonflies in the midst of their daily life. They molt up to 15 times before moving out of the water and shedding their exoskeleton to reveal the capacity to fly that was there all along. The very water that supported their existence as a nymph becomes the fuel for their metamorphosis. It literally becomes the force that splits the skin down the nymph’s back and encourages the wings to unfold.

During this period of in-the-grass transformation, the dragonfly nymph is soft and vulnerable. In the world, unprotected, moving from inner guidance, this tender nymph transforms itself. Wings emerge, eyes enlarge, skin hardens and the dragonfly takes off to experience its new life – free from the bounds of water – a life unfathomable to the nymph.

Sound familiar? When we are in the midst of intense personal and spiritual transformation, the structures that have supported us begin falling away – much like the nymph’s body falls away to make room for the emerging dragonfly. Beliefs, relationships and livelihood undergo rapid change, leaving us vulnerable and

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