Laughter as a Tool “There are two kinds of mystics in the world: the optimystics, and the pessimystics. The pessimystics are telling us, ‘The sky is falling!’ The optimystics say, ‘No, it only looks that way because we are ascending.” Swami Beyondananda

There is an ancient Chinese blessing (or curse, depending on one’s perspective): May you live in interesting times.

Well, here we are.

Depending which eye we see with, the multiple crises we face are either signs of impending doom … or impending breakthrough. Fear or excitement, it’s the same chemistry only a different interpretation. And it turns out that in our interpretation lies our destiny. Having a “cosmic comic perspective”, being willing and able to lovingly laugh at our (and the world’s) situation may be
just the medicine we require.

Laughter, and the appreciation of life as a “cosmic comedy”, is one of the easiest, most enjoyable ways to awaken awareness and connect community. It is also one of the most underrated. There is a classic cartoon where a clown is on the psychiatrist’s couch, saying, “Nobody takes me seriously.”

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