EPIC_COVER_J-A_2015Have you ever felt cluttered? I am not talking about papers piled on your desk or books piled on the nightstand. I am talking about an internal sense of clutter, too much food, too much noise, too many thoughts, worries, fears, doubts etc. Just too much stimuli altogether! Well, if so then it is time for some well needed space. Time for the silent observer to witness just how and why the mind, the body, your office, house or relationship has gotten cluttered and how to create the space to free yourself from that feeling. Space, silence and alone time offers us a chance to really see how many distractions we create each day and how those distractions clutter our lives and make no room for the true self to create and live up to our ultimate potential.

Take a break, give yourself and everyone else that you encounter a break. Set aside just a few minutes each day to declutter your thoughts. How has the ego created a merry-go-round with endless rides so you continually feel overwhelmed? If you name the events in your life as helping others, being of service, nurturing, caring, offering advice and the list goes on…. Really? Consider for a moment, if all of those items are necessary and wanted or if the ego has put together a nice little daily to-do-list so that you feel needed and distracted just enough to never really achieve all that you came here to offer this world.

As Gangaji recounts the most powerful word offered to her by her teacher Papaji, the word is “STOP”.

I now offer it to you, “STOP”. There is really no need to do or say anything else, just let the word and feeling ruminate. Once you truly “STOP” your real journey may begin and it will become a greater adventure than you thought possible with more ease and grace than you have ever known.

One caveat, when you say “STOP” say it with a tenderness, a kind, compassionate whisper as opposed to the roar of a lion.

When I asked Spirit what does “STOP” mean? I heard S.T.O.P. stands for Spiritual Time Management for Optimal Potential.

With all of the hustle bustle of Summer upon us, now may be the perfect time to stop, to center, to listen and learn to Know Thyself so that your magnificent self and real journey may unfold.

May the word STOP bring YOU more of YOU!

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