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Krishnamurti once said, “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” Why do we dim the Divine Birthright of our luminescence to fit into a culture that can only be described as insane? We have lost touch with who and Whose we are. Many of us have made it our mission to help people wake up from the dream of insanity into a realization that we are spiritual beings; we are vibrational beings living in a vibrational world and we must take responsibility for our personal energy (which includes thoughts and emotions) and understand what vibrations we are adding to the Web of Life.

So many are engaging in conversations of chaos, destruction and uncertainty. We need to be mindful of where we are putting our attention. We can’t afford to be focused on what we think we may be losing. We need innovative ideas and solutions more than ever. But the energy of resistance, which has become a political battle cry of sorts, blocks new ideas, information, and creativity.

We have emerged amidst a culture that has not made cultivating a personal relationship with Source a top priority. And to be clear I am speaking of cultivating our spiritual nature, not the limiting concepts of rigid religious doctrine. It is the lack of understanding our spiritual nature that has led us to create systems and institutions that are unsustainable and exploitive; and now those systems must go. Yet when we resist, we are actually creating an energy that holds in place the very things we do not want. We end up standing in the way of the innovation that will birth the replacements to these old unworkable systems.

Rather than place our energy on fighting to protect what we think we are losing, what if we focused on our alignment with Source energy? I am not talking about using spirituality as a means of sticking our heads in the sand or being politically and civically ignorant. Nor should we deny current circumstances; but current circumstances are a result of past thought. So to create a different future, we must be aware of where we chose to put our energy now.

What if we, by example, encouraged others to cultivate a personal relationship with Source? What if we were to ask empowering questions? What is my role? What or how can I contribute to the emergence of what is next?

It is easy to feel overwhelmed and get sucked into fear, mediocrity and what the media portrays as the human condition. But understanding our spiritual nature is the lifeline people are looking for – even if they aren’t yet aware that they are searching for that “something missing.”

This issue is full of information about choice, responsibility, freedom and reclaiming what is Sacred. We hope it inspires you and empowers you to take action; then E.P.I.C. will truly be serving its purpose.

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In this issue:

  • Creating Culture: Skill as Authentic Empowerment
  • Radical Responsibility
  • Migration of Tibetan Buddhism to the West
  • Reclaiming the Sacred
  • Becoming Aware of Your Resistance
  • What We Practice
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