July-August 2013Whether you are picking up E.P.I.C. for the first time or you are an avid fan, we welcome you, reader, to the July/August issue of Empowering People, Inspiring Community. Our chosen name (actually, the name chose us) is poignant to the Summer Solstice gateway of energy we just passed through. This solstice and the energies of the summer months are very much about community and our shared vision for the future. There are ample opportunities to continue releasing old fears and make choices in a new direction, one that is aligned with our hearts. Our hearts naturally want what is for the highest good of all because our hearts recognize that we are, in essence, all the same, all one.

When we stand in that aligned heart-space, that is where magic and miracles occur. What are miracles? As Emmanuel says, “ A miracle is mind’s definition for Love’s natural capacity to be.” When we let go of old ideas and concepts of who we think we are, what fills that space? We make room for our multi-dimensional nature to come through in a way that is far more expansive than any of our previous roles or definitions. Practicing ritual can help us in the process of continually releasing the old and making room for the infinite possibilities that exist for our individual and collective lives.

The most benefit from ritual is gained if you create a practice that is so deeply resonant with the core of your being, that you love your practice and it is something you look forward to engaging in. The magic is not in the design of the ritual, not in performing perfunctory steps because some tradition says, “ this is the right way to perform ceremony”, but in the process of falling into a reverential state, where your focus is on the sacredness that can be found in all things.

I had a lesson in this the other day when I discovered a small spider in the sink as I was getting ready for bed. I was tired and had a lot on my mind. The spider was so small that my inclination would have been to let it go down the drain. But I heard a very strong voice that said, “The same power that sustains your life, sustains my life.” I got the message loud and clear and despite how tired I was, I rescued the spider and sent it on its way with a sense that something profound had just blessed both of us.

May this issue help you create ways to experience the sacredness of all things on an on-going basis.

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In this issue:

  • A New Narrative for Food, Farming, and Community
  • The Research Behind Reconnective Healing
  • The Anam Cara Tradition: Calling Our Hearts Into Oneness
  • Principles of Holistic Dentistry
  • Being Fearless
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