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I’m watching snow fall as I write this. Ever since I was a child I found falling snow to be so peaceful. Of course I loved to play in it too, but there was this unexplained, yet very welcome serenity that would, and still does, envelop me. Ahh… to be as peaceful and still as that young girl who had not yet lost the inner knowing that she came here to be pure Love.

And how do we return to a state of undistractable peace? I would like to dub 2016 the year of sweeping self-forgiveness, what do you think readers, are you in? We humans are far too hard on ourselves. Let’s unhook from his penchant for self-criticism; and understand I am not talking about using this as an excuse for bad behavior. I am talking about disengaging from a practice that is responsible for most of the collective energy pollution that exists.

But have you noticed that when you focus on evading a behavior that it is actually even harder to shake it off? So instead of trying NOT to be self critical, why don’t we simply add in a comprehensive practice of self-forgiveness? Why don’t we just make it a point to be kinder to ourselves? Doesn’t it seem that this sort of benevolence toward ourselves would lend itself to that inner peace that can seem so elusive at times? And if we are kinder to ourselves, doesn’t it follow that we would then express that inner state in the form of kindness to others?

Can we do it? I say we can, and we shall. If we all make a point of forgiving ourselves, daily, hourly, moment-by-moment, then this practice becomes the norm. We have not attempted to push self-criticism out of our lives but it will naturally be impelled out of our repertoire of behaviors: the two behaviors, being so vibrationally diverse, will not be able to co-exist.

So pick self-forgiveness, or any other quality, and experiment with adding more of what is good, gentle, compassionate, harmonious and peaceful into our daily practices. Happy New Year; may it be your most peaceful yet.

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  • The Power of Drumming
  • Fluoride: Help or Hindrance?
  • Kids and Power Animals
  • Consciously Creating Your Life
  • An Integrative Approach to Health
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