January - February 2013Happy New Year! I’m writing this note on 12-12-12, feeling waves of energy pulsing through my being, my body tingling with potential. By the time this issue hits the stands, we will have already experienced the energies of the cosmic ray and galactic alignment. These energies lend themselves to freeing us from our karmic patterns. And so that which has caused us to believe we are limited beings confined to linear time, has an opportunity to dissolve.

A large buck is peeking in the window at me, reminding me to mention the importance of gentleness, as we process through what have been our unique sticking points. Maybe it’s money or health or relationships or grief or one of the hundreds of other ways sticking points can present themselves.

Whatever it is for you, have no doubt it will intensify before you break through. If you have broken through, congratulations! If you are still in the midst of working the energies to your benefit, hold on, and remember to be gentle, be still as often as you can, and have no fear, you are supported.

We are excited that E.P.I.C. continues to grow. We ask you to join us in giving a warm E.P.I.C. welcome to Maggie Collins, the newest member of the E.P.I.C. tribe. During her interview, Maggie’s enthusiasm blew our socks off! A long-time member of the Durango community, Maggie holds a BA in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Marketing, from Fort Lewis College. She has traveled extensively throughout Eastern and Western Europe, a true global citizen that embraces diversity. We know you will be as impressed with her talent as much as we are!

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In this issue:

  • From Damascus to Israel: A Message of Peace
  • Reiki System of Being
  • January-Making Change Stick Month: 7 Tips on How to Beat Those New Year’s Resolution Blues & Make Change Stick
  • Our Most Intimate Companion 
  • Winter Health Checklist
  • Wholistic Kinesiology
  • Shake It Off
E.P.I.C. Magazine
E.P.I.C. stands for Empowering People, Inspiring Community. E.P.I.C. Magazine educates, empowers and inspires the community on the topics of spirituality, health, and sustainability. We help conscious businesses thrive and share their message.


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