Happy New Year and Blessings to all of our readers.  It is finally here.  2012.  We here at E.P.I.C. are no experts on 2012, but we do know what our own experience has been.  The truth is we are already In the midst of an amazing shift.  2012 is not about a singular event or the passage of a particular moment in space-time.  We have each been unraveled, in our own way, strip to the core in a way that makes us realize who has been running this illusionary show called our lives: the ego.  We see 2012 as a Grand Beginning; many are using the metaphor of birth to describe the anticipated changes.  There is no birth without labor pains, and the whole world has been experiencing labor pain.  2012 is about humanity making a collective shift away from the ego as our primary operating system and allowing it to be replaced by the Divine Love that has always been our true essence.  In a recent Angel Board Session Solomon said “Everything you consider dark, is merely egos engaged in the act of miscreation.”

Aren’t you excited to see what the world will look like when the ego, with all of its tricks and shenanigans, is no longer running the show? Aren’t you eager to see how your behavior will change when you have a deep, experiential understanding of our connectedness with all things? Instead of reacting in fear to the violent crackdown on #OWS protesters, or the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act, or the attempts at disenfranchising voters, we will be able to see these actions for what they truly are: egos engaged in the act of miscreation. A collection of egos defending an illusion they believe to be “right” or “true”. And we will understand that if we use our energy for the purpose of conflict, we too will be engaging in miscreation, for pushing against darkness will not make it go away. Darkness will only be transformed when we allow the Light of Divine Love to shine through us. We are not saying do not take action, we are saying have a deep awareness of whether your actions are driven by the ego’s incessant need to right (miscreation), or your true essence, Divine Love, following its natural impulse to expand (creation).

As always, it is our wish that E.P.I.C. is a tool for expanding consciousness. We hope this issue leads you to that place of deep awareness.

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In this issue:

  • Being Willing, Being Free
  • Birth 2012 – A Miraculous Event
  • Creating a Weight Loss Dream Team
  • The Healing Power of Hypnotherapy
  • Being a Cosmic Grown-Up
  • Optimizing Kids’ Health Through Chiropractic Care
  • Education Out of the Box

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