Cooking, it is becoming more and more obvious, is the easily overlooked piece of the sustainable food pie. If you don’t cook, you’re much more likely to buy packaged food rather than healthy, raw ingredients. You may be less inclined to shop at the farmers’ market and you are, perhaps, less willing to take culinary chances. Let’s face it, not everyone is inherently in love with cooking, or at least not in love with the idea of all that it seems to require. The truth is, cooking can be very intuitive, really rather fun and can involve much less planning and pouring over recipes than you may think.

There are menu planners, chefs and home cooks alike, who think out everything ahead of time and shop accordingly. Then there are those of us who operate from the opposite paradigm: buy what is in season, what looks good and cover the basics, and then improvise from there. Okay, you say, plan B sounds great in theory, but how do you actually take all of that glorious kale, kohlrabi and early season sprouts and turn it into dinner?

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