By Lyn Goldberg
Shamanic Astrology tells us we inform the planets as they inform us. We are co-creators with that which is larger than us. In Astrology we look at the planets of our solar system to offer us guidance on our own personal timelines. For global cycles we can look close to home in our own solar system and beyond to our larger galaxy for more information.

Looking back 6-8000 years ago, both astrologically and historically, we see that a huge shift took place. Before this shift Earth’s inhabitants lived a more egalitarian way of life. Dramatic change is caused by many factors, but one precipitous event occurring around 6000 B.C. was the Earth undergoing a severe climate change, which brought hunger to her inhabitants. Fathers and husbands started hunting further afield to feed their starving families. They began trespassing on other hunting grounds, then for protection and defense plowshares were pounded into weapons and over thousands of years masculine domination grew further and further out of proportion; bringing us to where we are today within the cycle of the Patriarch.

Some years ago, a few committed Astrologers decided they would begin Project Hindsight, learning ancient languages to retrieve messages from the wizen of old. They have now spent over a decade deciphering time-worn clay tablets to bring long held secrets that would shed new light on current beliefs.

The Sign of Capricorn, (December 21—January 20) is a feminine Sign in the Earth Element. Key words of Capricorn are responsible, practical, efficient, ambitious and patient.

How then is it possible that the God of the Patriarch, Saturn, resonates most strongly within her influence? Saturn’s archetype has been clearly masculine and often the angry vengeful God depicted as an old man with long white hair and a beard, carrying a scythe in one hand in case we do not get things right, and a cornucopia in the other hand in case we do.

Project Hindsight uncovered information that some 6000 years ago, Saturn represented Grandmother Wisdom. In Western Astrology, Saturn is about structure, making it happen, discipline, control, governance, and power over. This includes power over oneself: as in dominating yourself into compliance. The higher vibration key words for Saturn include patience, humility, wisdom, maturity and compassion. But within the Patriarchal archetype the only way to reach that higher vibration has been through discipline and control.

Shamanic Astrology embraces this very old understanding of Saturn as Grandmother Wisdom. It takes some time to reprogram images and long held beliefs, but now the archetypal vision of Saturn is a wise white-haired Grandmother; a Crone with an owl on her shoulder sitting on a ledge watching over us. Her message is clear: Align First! Only from this place of alignment are we to act. There is no power over when we are aligned. Yes, Grandmothers too offer lessons that are sometimes uncomfortable, yet as we drop resistance and align with Source we are able to see those lessons as gifts.

Saturn is in a Sign for about two and a half years. This December Solstice offers a rare gift. On December 19th Saturn moves into Capricorn, her home or where she resonates the strongest (where she will stay until March 2020). Thirty-six hours later, on December 21 the Sun enters Capricorn. The fuel of the Sun will heighten Saturn’s entrance to her home territory offering additional support to once again bring her wisdom of alignment to bear in her vibration.

It is no longer power over, not even to power through our own intentions. It is align first; then, and only then, act.

There is more to this opportunity for change. Pluto transforms energy from inner and underworld sources. His job is to bring the unconscious into consciousness. Pluto entered Capricorn for the first time this rotation (and since he was discovered in 1930) on November 28, 2008. Pluto spends a longer time in any one Sign. He takes 264 years to orbit the Sun and won’t leave Capricorn until 2024. He gives us plenty of time to review and surrender. The truth is he will be making an even larger statement to us in the United States in 2023-24 as he returns to the same degree in Capricorn as when our Forefathers declared independence and the United States was birthed. But that is a story for another time.

Right now, we have the opportunity, or responsibility if you will, to ease that pending return in 2023-24 by consciously aligning with Capricorn’s renewed synergy with Saturn’s Wisdom. Anytime a planet is fresh in a Sign there is more energy available for change; in this case the change to embrace is to align first with Source, allow the wisdom of your connection to that which is larger, and only then move into action.

Saturn takes 28.6 years to orbit the Sun. With each orbit we have the prospect of maturing. In our own timelines, when Saturn returns to the Natal position (where she was at the moment of our birth) a new level of maturity is available (ages 29 and 58-59). During a Saturn return under the Patriarch, typified by an imbalanced relationship between the divine feminine and the divine masculine, it has been easy to witness the God Saturn’s scythe bring about change, especially in places where we may have been in resistance.

We have been subject to the Patriarch for so long there is no way to understand what a culture of equality really is. We can observe where power over is causing blatant destruction and strive to do better, both within our personal lives and in the public arena. Most importantly we can take steps to raise our own vibration and embrace compassion in all things. The words that are said to have come from Jesus on the cross, “Forgive them for they know not what they do,” ring true here. Only compassion for others, and ourselves, will see us through. We must first find balance in our own expression and then radiate that out from our aligned center.

Currently both Pluto and Saturn are reflecting energy from the Sign of Capricorn encouraging our unconscious to awaken and release old habits that just aren’t working. Power over – either another human or our own Planet – is not sustainable.

In 2020 Saturn and Pluto will be traveling at the same degree for a time. This will be another heightened occasion when the energy of transformation and the chance to embrace Grandmother Wisdom will be enhanced. Knowing the messages from our solar system and seizing the opportunity to embody the potential that eagerly awaits us, is what allows
co-creation to happen.

Historically speaking, change on a worldwide scale takes time. Yet this planet and our entire solar system are vibrating at a faster rate than ever before. Furthermore, we understand that our participation in the leading edge of consciousness can make change occur more rapidly than anything we have previously experienced in our history. Know that we are indeed the ones we have been waiting for and embrace the message from the Universe for this season (the next two and half years): First, align with Source. Let the wisdom of the Grandmothers be your guide. And only from this place of alignment are we to act.

Lyn Goldberg has studied Astrology for over 40 years and has recently become an associate with the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School. You can find out more about her by visiting her website

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