Embodying Present Moment Awareness

Embodying Present Moment Awareness When you appreciate the power of awareness, your ego is no longer in control. You know that you have thoughts, but you are not just your thoughts. You have feelings, but you are not just your feelings. There is a distance between who you are and the thoughts and feelings you are aware of. You are no longer automatically identified with them.

This level of consciousness is a relationship that allows you to question your beliefs and to dance with feelings in ever-new ways. Thought by thought, feeling by feeling, perception by perception, you can choose new behaviors, thereby inventing yourself anew.

Self-invention is an opportunity presented to every human being. It is
the path all great Souls have lived. Every person who inspires us because of the depth of their humanity did not follow a path laid down by others. Although they were undoubtedly in uenced by those who inspired them, what they lived came out of themselves as they chose a new relationship to their beliefs and fears, and above all, dove deep into the immediacy of their embodied experience.

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