DGO Cover May-June 2014Here we are folks. Celebrating the third anniversary of E.P.I.C.! All made possible by you – our readers, advertisers, contributors and supporters (seen and unseen!). Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are proud and humbled all at the same time.

We will kick off our anniversary celebration by welcoming the incomparable Edwene Gaines. Hold on; she’ll just about blow your skirt up! And we will pay tribute to our brilliant cover artists with our annual We’ve Got You Covered Art Show & Anniversary Party. This year’s event will be at Brew on College Drive. Stay tuned for more E.P.I.C. events …

The energetic intensity of recent months seems to have burned away much of what was inauthentic in us, don’t you agree? As we individually evolve in these ways, through trials of fire and baptisms in cool water, we then have a choice to make. Do we rest on our laurels until our next ‘personal’ breakthrough, or do we present our newly renovated self as an asset to the community of humanity?

Whatever Spiritual, mystical gems we are personally gifted with through these evolutionary impulses, are not ours to keep. They are not to be coveted. They belong to the whole human family. They are ours to share; and I believe it is our responsibility to share them. And by sharing I am not speaking of boasting about our spiritual accomplishments; that is the hallmark of ego-based spiritual materialism. I am speaking of shining. Simply shining. Not analyzing, instructing or shoulding. But simply emanating our newfound level of Light; radiating our newfound height of Truth.

When we choose to do this (and it is really more being than doing) in the context of community, there are those who will witness and grow from what we have offered. Not because we analyzed, instructed or prescribed, but because we showed up. We contributed not our opinions, but our essence. And that is what supports our human evolution.

As you read the articles and peruse the events, you’ll see there are many community events on the horizon where you can show up and shine. We are all stars, and we are All-stars. And with a wink of my eye I say, “Hope to see you there.”

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In this issue:

  • The Transformative Power of Chant
  • Oil Pulling in Medicine & Dentistry
  • Laughter as a Tool for Awakening
  • Dreaming of Thriving
  • Fully Human Fully Divine
  • On the Casual War
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