Ah, beginners mind. Have you ever felt the freedom of just letting go of what you thought you knew? Isn’t it a relief? It can be so refreshing, like a resurrection of the senses: to see with renewed vision, to hear with expanded clarity, to smell, taste and touch with heightened splendor and sensuality.

Every moment is a potential chance to be born anew, without bondage in the form of the long-held opinions and beliefs that have limited us and kept us playing small. Isn’t it funny how clever the ego can be, co-opting those expansive moments and convincing the spiritual seeker that it should be that way all the time? Judging and reprimanding us when we inevitably slip out of that expanded state? Okay, well maybe it’s not funny when we are in the midst of that type of conflict. It can be down right painful.

It is part of the human condition to want certainty, to feel like we know something. It is also part of the human condition to believe there is value in our pain; which is not the same as saying that we should always expect to remain in pain. But somehow it seems bearable if we think there is a purpose to it. And yet the capacity exists for us to surrender to something larger that we may not always be able to see, but we have faith that it is there.

When we cling to an experience that felt expansive in the moment, it is really no different than clinging to any other kind of story. The more we grasp at what was, we cover the essence of that experience with the density of ego-based thoughts. It in turn becomes just another “something I thought I knew” to be let go of.

As we enter in to Spring with all of its new growth let it be a constant reminder of the opportunity to enter into beginners mind, and trusting that even when we are in a place of contraction rather than expansion, that it is all held in the loving embrace of the One.

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  • Stardust Ponders Itself
  • The Role and Purpose of Upper Cervical Care
  • End Spiritual Bypassing to Mend Body, Mind & Spirit
  • What If We Connected?
  • Embodied Light
  • What is Real Spirituality?
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