DGO Cover July-August 2014 I’m sitting here staring at a blank page. I can’t help but think it is not a coincidence. Sure, I have a publishers’ note to write, but it seems like a glaringly obvious metaphor for the current energies at our disposal. We really do like to cling to our histories, don’t’ we? Not just the victim stories of the challenging times that clearly helped shape who we think we are, but our spiritual growth stories as well: the knowledge and opinions we have collected about God, Angels, Ascended Masters, ETs, healing modalities, etc. What if we just let it all go? What if we move into the awareness that there is indeed a blank page before us? What if we started to paint in different colors, or write in a whole new unfamiliar language?

When EVERYTHING seems like a disturbance or a challenge, which it has for me lately, I know I’m being given the Divine message, “just chill.” My experience of the current energies has been like tiny needles poking and pricking my very sensitive skin. And while the challenges seem more profound, so do the moments of peace. And the time in between these seemingly juxtaposed experiences is growing shorter and shorter. Trying to navigate the zigzag can be dizzying. When I question what I “know” about the energies (Is it the effect of the Grand Cross? Is it menopause? Is it solar flares? Is it the Ascension Flame?) I have to laugh and admit that I really don’t know. I can pretend I know, I can engage in a metaphysical analysis with the best of them, but the truth is it doesn’t really matter.

We have all experienced satoris, those big AHA moments. But the minute we have a sense of accomplishment or pride because we think we have “learned” something or that we have made “progress”, that should be our signal to laugh and let go. My spiritual history doesn’t really make any difference. Neither does yours. What is important is our awareness in each moment. Where is your awareness right now? And now?

We have been taught the Spiritual Truth that we are co-creators with the Divine. But how much more magnificent would our creations be if we let go of all “knowledge” in favor of Direct Divine Experience? Perhaps we would find it’s ALL Direct Divine Experience, tiny needles included.

Here’s hoping the contents of this issue contributes to a summer filled with your own DDEs and moment-to-moment awareness.

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In this issue:

  • Shamanism for the New Earth
  • Meditating Among Trees
  • Magic Words
  • The Discipline of Uncrossing Arms & Legs
  • Opening to the Supermind
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