EPIC_SEPT_OCT_2014_DGO_COVERSeptember-October 2014 Issue:

I’ve heard it said that it is the struggle to emerge from the cocoon that strengthens a butterfly’s wings enough to enable her to fly. If you help release a butterfly from a cocoon early, even with the noble intention of easing its apparent discomfort, the butterfly will likely never be able to fly on its own.

I have had some experiences recently that have illuminated that it is impossible to talk someone else into a different level of consciousness. A shift in consciousness must be experiential, not merely descriptive. Like the butterfly, it is the experience of struggle that leads to exhaustion, and exhaustion that lends itself to surrender. It is only in that place that a gap is created; a gap that allows for insight to arise organically. That gap in which deep peace is experienced and an instant knowing takes place that it is all okay … it can be no other way.

In the meantime, we can hand-hold, speak words of encouragement, suggest self-care techniques. We can coax, we can point, but we can never be someone else’s revelation. We can maintain and work to increase our own vibration, and by the Law that energy seeks to be harmonious, hope that we positively influence others toward their Truth. But we can never take the flight for another. And we should not attempt to convince them that, if only their flight path mimics our own, that they will safely arrive at the next stage of their journey.

As difficult as it may be to witness, we must allow others to experience struggle as a means of strengthening their wings. We must have faith that struggle, our own as well as that of others, has purpose. And as we mature in our spirituality, we will recognize struggle for the teacher it truly is and therefore more quickly relinquish our resistance to it.

Here’s hoping this issue’s contents point you toward your personal revelation, or at the very least, help you strengthen your wings and fly.

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In this issue:

  • The Easy 3-Day Detox
  • Healthy…Bugs?
  • Loss, Love & the Healing Power of Yoga
  • Awakening
  • TIME: You Can Bank on It!
  • Centered in Compassion


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