Divine Masculine Call OutDecember 21, 2012 truly was the end of the world in a sense, as we have stepped into a shift. That shift is happening now. A shift in the way we perceive the world; in the energies that are being called forth. A shift in how we are choosing to live our lives. People are waking up now. We are waking up to the power of the Law of Attraction. Waking up to the power of our own dreams. Waking up to an inner power that has, for many of us, lain dormant for years. This awakening is happening, in part, through a new connection with the Divine Masculine. Through initiation processes such as that of the Mankind Project, men are stepping more fully into masculine power. Not power OVER others, but rather the power to connect more fully with inner gifts; the power to connect more fully with the archetypal inner King, Warrior, Lover, and Magician.

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