Coming Home by Leia Meryt

There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground;
there are a thousand ways to go home again. Rumi

Life is an adventure; an incredible journey that offers many paths to choose from. At any given moment, Life invites us to choose; it offers endless opportunities to experience those “… thousand ways to go home again,” that Rumi insightfully opined about. The chance to return over and over again to comfort and rest is the lane that leads us home.

The word home means much more than just a house. Home is not necessarily a place, but a feeling. Yet, a purposefully created dwelling place can certainly make a significant emotional and energetic difference. P.J. Laux states, “Our physical surroundings play such an important role in creating a sense of meaning and organization in our lives. It is not surprising that the place we live is closely tied to the sense of who we are. In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy doesn’t achieve closure until she recognizes “There is no place like home.”

One’s physical location can contribute considerably to the feeling of being at home in one’s own heart. However coming home to oneself, and in oneself, is what allows previous ways of thinking and being in the world to be released, opening new horizons of thought and feeling and a chance to live the truth of the greatest story ever told.

Pliny the Elder (A.D. 23-79), a Roman philosopher, wrote the familiar quote, “Home is where the heart is.” Thought provoking words to be sure; they elicit contemplation of the question, what is home? What insights are our hearts able to reveal to us? How does the heart know and how does it decide what and where home is?

The answers to these questions come from within, from one’s own internal landscape, which is informed by the personal experiences that result from the countless choices one has made along his/her journey. Simultaneous listening and learning creates a foundational perspective, an internal compass of intuitive guidance leading the way toward our unique vision and definition of home.

Maya Angelou wrote, “The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.” This ache for home is a longing, a longing to belong, a longing of the heart and mind to be at peace; to be able to rest in stillness and tranquility; to have the experience of being at home anywhere.

The heart and mind as one highly functioning unit is a powerful force of energy that propels synchronistic events on this voyage called life. At the core is the heart, the true brain, where intuition enables the transformation of thought, engendering a call to action and a consistent return to the collective heart as home. Surrendering to this process allows the question, “Where is home?” to be answered. As more and more people are aware and awaken to this truth in themselves, the love and comfort of home provides shelter from virtually any raging storm or chaos in the world.

Most of us can recall the poignant moment in the movie E.T. when E.T. points his finger to the sky and says, “Home.” He actually chants it: H-OHM. There is no place like H-OHM. The mantra OM is a Universal resounding call that is audibly felt and somatically heard. It’s a beckoning, a call to remembrance. Chanting OM immediately opens a space in one’s heart, one’s feeling realm, to experience that place of peace, joy and love. This ultimately leads us to that place within ourselves where we are able to love ourselves unconditionally.

As we explore our own hearts and what home means to us individually, we are in tandem with the collective heart. As emotions and deep feelings are roused, an awakening in consciousness surfaces in awareness. The compulsion to move ever onward within this awakened consciousness becomes a way of life on our continuing journey. Accepting this mission as Divine Destiny is an important part of our collective awakening. In the awakening process, there is a remembering: a reorganization that is creating a new earth. All creation sings and the substance of love is allowed to come home once again.

We must not only navigate our individual journey home, but our collective journey as well. Our collective concept of home must include an awareness of our connectedness to our earthly home and how we choose to use the precious resources on this planet wisely for present and future generations. Sustainability is defined as “the property of biological systems to remain diverse and productive indefinitely. In more general terms, sustainability is the endurance of systems and processes.” 1

Endurance of systems and processes should be understood to also include this process, this life journey that is inviting, if not imploring, each one of us to come home, to be at home in oneself. Corinthians 13:4-8 tells us, “Love endureth forever my sweet beloved. The fragrance of your being, the caress of your soul to my heart, my soul to you. Love never faileth.” This is what shall truly sustain the generations to come: Unconditional Love for self, others and our planet home.

Find the way home. There is always a way. Take the time to be in that still place. Breathe. Meditate. Dance. Sing. Chant. Pray. Play. Run. Leap. Swim. Be at Peace. Be in Nature. Stay in the Open Heart. The Royal Chariot awaits… climb on board. Accept the ride. Destination: HOME.


Leia Meryt offers loving kindness and compassion during these significant days of transformation on the earth. Leia has been an early childhood educator for over 25 years. She currently offers Personal Transformation Coaching sessions, sound healing and energy work, called Attunement, which she has practiced for 40 years. 970.769.2941 or

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