Breath for LifeWatching a baby breathe is one of the most awe invoking experiences. This bundle of energy, whose developing brain needs copious amounts of oxygen in order to grow, breathes a naturally full, even, rhythmic breath. While we adults, for the most part, breathe more carelessly with shallow and sporadic breaths.

When does this shift of breath occur from one st(age) to another? Well, American New Thought minister Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith would counsel, ” Don’t look at the problem, look at the answer.” One answer may be to teach our children simple, fun and effective ways to connect with their own natural breath. In doing so, it may preserve their organic baby breath into adulthood.

Children live in such a bustling-paced world these days. Even if we do our best to support and create rhythm to their day, it is still filled with home, school and peer pressures. Sensory overload detaches our youth from their inner imaginative world filled with play, joy and possibility. Breathing exercises are a very powerful tool to handle, manage and celebrate life’s physical, mental and emotional ups and downs.

Kids breathing exercises courtesy of YogaKids® (

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