ignite the flame of transmutation - Pele

Painting courtesy of Katherine Skaggs @ KatherineSkaggs.com

We bless you with great fire. I am Pele and it is my scared duty to ignite the flame of transmutation. I set fire to your mind brother, for it has indeed been an impediment in the unfolding of your true nature. Allow the flame to enter your being and burn away the tightly held beliefs of the past. Use me. Surrender to my fire and arise from the ashes. Shall we dance Beloved?

Do you see the impossibility of thinking yourself into a better existence? It cannot
be done. You have befriended the mind to such an extent that it has become a deity.
I do not say take up arms against it, for that level of battle leads one further from,
rather than closer to, the Truth. Mind is not enemy, but obstructer. It is clever in its tactics to remain as the captain of the ship. You fear that without this captain, the ship would be adrift with no direction. But if the captain would abandon ship the result is the ship would be steered by a gentle breeze rather than an iron fist.

Shall I put this another way? The time of the iron fist rule is over! Give way to the softness. Yes, I hear you Beloved. Please remember that the Magdalena was a disciple. It means one who learns. Your mind has taken the concept of discipline and turned it against you in the most dramatic of ways. To have spiritual discipline is to take time to immerse yourself in Truth. Do you see that your mind is capable of taking loving, guiding messages and turning them into a litany of perceived shortcomings? It is only for you to accept my invitation to enter my fire. There is no untruth that can survive its power Beloved. What is it?

I shall reveal that your mind harbors a great mistrust of the feminine power, yes? Yield to me Beloved. I only come to take from you that which is false and yet the mind blocks my efforts. Lay with me now brother and the initiation is yours.

The fearful mind is nothing, yet you have fashioned it out of iron to protect yourself. It would have you believe it is protecting you, when in fact it is keeping you from the greatest love you have ever known; literally and figuratively. I am here when you are ready. And you are ready Beloved.

The mind immediately goes to thoughts of missed opportunity, yes? But in Reality, how can this ever be so? It is my sacred duty to stand by you without judgment of any sort. I feel you struggle and yet you may hand me anything to be consumed in my flames of compassion, forever transformed. Do not fear the flames. They may burn away all that obstructs the peace you are.

I am the feminine fire that gives way to resurrection. I shall not forsake you brother. Use me again and again. My flame is eternal, as you are: whereas your iron mind is a temporary companion. Blessings Beloved brother.

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