Ask the Oracle - October 2015

ato-s-o-15 We celebrate your light, Beloved. Your world is fraught with so many seeming conflicts, but we say to you each and every experience is by Divine Design. It can be no other way. Every joy, every perceived hardship has provided an opportunity to come to know the Truth of your Being, and Beloved, that truth is Love. In your world there appear to be gradations of Love, but that is a function of looking through clouded perceptual lenses. In Truth, all Love is pure in its essence. I come to you as Emmanuel, to Love, to serve, to guide you toward Truth. What is it my Beloved?

We know your preferences for action and accomplishment. We shall follow you, Dear One, and we shall be only bearers of Truth. Speak your mind and heart. We shall assist in releasing your burdens. Trust and believe Dear One.

Q: How do I resolve this broken relationship with my daughter? How do I deal with the hurt, anger and disrespect? I need to know what to do to nd peace.

A: ere is peace, Dear One, but know that it must never depend on the external circumstances you are experiencing. Again we say all Love is pure in its essence. Your experiences, no matter how painful, are only designed to show you the places in yourself that you have yet to love and accept – despite appearances that it is an outward attack.

You may say that it is unsubstantial for us to guide you to love as the answer. But Love is Truth, and there is no greater force than Love. But we say direct this Love internally, for each con ict is sourced internally. Despite external appearances, everyone is made in the image and likeness of the Creator, therefore everyone is this Perfect Love as their core essence. Drop the con ict. It is possible, and it is the only real solution. See that it exists within, and choose to let it go. You will laugh because your mind will think it impossible. It is not only possible, but necessary, for wellbeing. Do you see Dear One?

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