AskOracle_S-O_2013_picBlessing Beloveds! We come as the Masters of the Fifth Ray. We feel your angst as you try to make sense of your current perceived challenges. No matter what appears before you as external circumstance, physical, emotional and mental challenges, financial challenges, lessons in grief, relationship challenges, they are all, no exceptions, the result of the beliefs and perceptions of the small mind. They are not the result of some external force, named or unnamed, prodding you to learn and grow against your will. It is only ever your own Soul that agrees to, and manifests, lessons to assist in the unfoldment of your highest potential.

Resistance arises in the form of your small mind, or ego, saying, “Really? Seriously? I have already dealt with thus and such.” The energy of resistance adds to your perceived suffering. You, the Real You, do not and cannot suffer. As higher frequencies enter the energies within and surrounding the earth, you, as vibrational beings, are of course affected. You are being lifted upon these higher frequencies, and that which is disharmonious falls away. But rather than re-cognizing the source of disharmony as your own egoic thoughts and perceptions, you cling to the source of your suffering as a long trusted friend.

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