Blessings Beloved. We come as the Masters of the Fifth Ray, bringing the healing balm of the Good News that you have been craving, praying for and seeking. We feel the heaviness in your heart, Sister. Know that it is born of the incessant self-criticism that you perpetrate upon yourself. We have come to proclaim your innocence, Beloved.

Q: What can I expect as I head into 2018?

A: Indeed, let us speak of your expectations for they are the threads used to weave the tapestry of what you experience as your reality. We acknowledge the “work” you have done thus far, Beloved. And this is where we shall begin. Let us ask you, “Do you continue to hold the expectation that One’s Spiritual growth must be fraught with pain and difficulty?” We are asking you to dive deeper than what your intellectual response would be.

There are millions of threads that make up the tapestry. We are asking you to bring your awareness to those threads that have gone unnoticed; in other words, those expectations that remain hidden from awareness but are integrated into, and producing effect upon, the tapestry nonetheless.

We feel your angst at the metaphor we have chosen, for we sense your alarm at the idea of tugging or pulling on individual threads; “Won’t that unravel my reality?” you ask. We are not suggesting you pull and tug at the threads, simply to notice them. You are not trying to rid yourself of these
threads, these expectations, but to illuminate their presence. For it is only through shining the light of conscious awareness upon what is hidden, that you see your tapestry, your perceived
reality, begin to change.

Q: If these expectations are hidden, how do I bring my awareness to them? Isn’t it the old adage, “I don’t know what I don’t know?”

A: That is what the small mind would have you believe, Beloved. Shall we speak of willingness then? You must be willing to look at what is hidden. Willingness is of the heart, which knows only wholeness, completeness. The small mind knows the fear born of separation. The small mind is very convincing in its attempt to persuade you that looking for what is hidden will only result in pain and anguish.

Some of the very behaviors you pray for the strength to change, are the small mind’s way of “protecting” you from what it believes is certain torment. Let us tell you that torment never comes from uncovering that which is hidden. Heed us when we say every gossamer thread of that tapestry is held in the Grace of the One Source, call it what you may.

If the tapestry represents your reality then, where your reality seems contracted, the threads of your tapestry are tightly bound. If you pull and tug where there is already contraction, you run the risk of making the tight spots tighter still. This is the effect of your relentless self-criticism, Beloved. The threads of unexamined expectations are the origin of flaws in the tapestry. And that pain and anguish you presume you are protecting yourself from are actually held in place by the fear of looking for that which is hidden.

Let us move away from metaphors for a moment. Let us use a more concrete example. What is your expectation regarding vulnerability? We witness the contraction of your energy at the mere mention of the word. To avoid looking more deeply, the surface mind would retort, “Nobody likes being vulnerable.” But right now in this moment Beloved, we pour our blessings into thee so that you may see the hidden expectations you carry: weakness, fear of abandonment, and loss of love. And yet we
say to you the experience of vulnerability is none of these things. In fact it is the key to the authenticity you have prayed to express.

We shall continue to work with you in this vein Beloved. And so to return to your original question, 2018 shall be filled with self-discovery and the peace and healing that abide therein.

The Oracle of the Angel Board creates an energentic bridge that facilitates communication with high vibrational beings that can assist you in answering questions about your life.

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