Snake Medicine

Good day and Great Blessings to you! We come as Lady Portia to assist in the process of transmuting those denser limiting frequencies to more refined. Yes Beloved, they remain anchored in your field and we shall teach you a process to guide you in this alchemy. But first speak your heart and we shall assist you. Proceed.

Q: I feel my fear of stepping forward into the next phase of my life in a way I have never felt before. And I feel, perhaps because of this time in my life, caught in the illusion of my age. Is this move the right thing for me? What is my work to be? How will I support myself? Is this fear what is keeping me from moving forward?

A: Well of course! Indeed you see the self-created obstacles and limitations. Witnessing is a first step, but witnessing alone does not create alchemy. You can choose to name and apply your spiritual sovereignty. Yes, you already possess the knowledge that this is merely about conjuring a higher frequency, but you must actually DO IT! Ha ha ha!

For this alchemical process we say do not go “out there”, so to speak, but know the Infinite is truly within. Bring to mind a self-created limiting concept: let us take age for example. Sit with the feeling of that. Be specific: it is too nebulous to just label something fear – you bypass the feeling when you do this.

When you have the feeling, imagine it as a shape at the space below your spine. Once you have truly named it, call upon that power of dominion that rests in your sovereignty. You may see Violet Flame or Golden Light or both. When you feel the energy shift into a higher vibration, allow it to travel up your spine and integrate.

Does this feel familiar? It should Sister, you also know this as snake medicine.

Q: Yes, kundalini?

A: Let us clarify: this is not the movement of kundalini. This is a purposeful transmutation of the energies that you correctly have named as limiting your actions. This is snakebite medicine: the ability to take in a toxic substance and use alchemy to ultimately make effective use of it.

Do you see, Sister, that this is vastly different than attempting to make a nebulous concept, such as fear, go away? Your mind will never let that happen. We are showing you how to use your spiritual dominion to transmute the perceived obstacles into creative energy to move you where you wish to go.

We wish to make sure you understand the process we have given you and how it differs from your other practices, yes Sister?

Q: I need clarification. Do I already know how to do this?

A: Indeed you do. The process requires the specific naming or calling out of the self-created limiting belief in the form of allowing its feeling nature to emerge. Let us go back to our example of age. Allow yourself to remain with the feelings that arise. As you do this you shall experience a number of feeling thoughts. For example you may first label “fear” as that which underlies the aging concept. But as you sit with the feeling process, it may next emerge as loneliness; it may shift again to the inability to grasp the unknown. When you get to the bottom, so to speak, by asking yourself, “What else, what else?” then create, or more accurately allow, a shape and possibly a color to emerge. Apply, again by allowance, the Violet or Golden Flame to take that shape and shift it to a higher vibration. Allow only the transmuted essence of what you have named to travel the spine, and integrate the gold that has been transformed from what began as dross. Do you see, sister?

Q: So this needs to be done before I can move?

A: There is no endpoint you must wait for. Should you choose to apply this process, things will move naturally. Your mind will no longer have its solid wall of fear, for you will have specifically named that which has been toxic and made it into energy you can effectively use. Let us guide you; and you must be willing to stand in your Spiritual Sovereignty, Beloved.

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