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Blessings dear child. To us, your name is Grace. We are Uriel and Lady Nada. We have so much to share, but we will let you lead the way. What have you come to master, Young Master? We come to remind you that you exist as a perfect idea in the mind of God. We say the more narrowly you perceive yourself, your life and your world, the more you restrict the flow of the Infinite Holy One. We shall pause and let you speak, Young Master.

Q: What is my purpose, and how can I be happy?

A: There are many levels to this question. First, there is the purpose you share with all humanity, which is to wake up to your true nature and tap into your limitless potential. Second is about worldly purpose, your vocation. What we shall share in this moment is to tell you they are not separate. A career should be undertaken with the understanding that it is simply a vehicle for the expression of the eternal qualities of the Infinite Source.

Do not look anywhere beside your own heart for what makes you happy – not to tests or counselors or even parents, for that matter. Do you see what and who you are? You have a body, but you are not your body. You have a mind, but you are not your mind. You are so vast and magnificent the human mind cannot comprehend it. God’s grace is not something you earn; it is something you are.

You struggle with this sense of littleness. It is a fallacy. Your fear of being wrong limits you, Young Master. Do you see that you cannot make a wrong choice if your perception expands to include the wisdom that your divine perfection is a given? You simply need the awareness to allow it to unfold.

Do not define yourself through the perceptions of others; this too blocks your true nature from shining forth into the world. Do not look for your happiness in the world of effects. Be happy as an eternal quality of the Infinite Holy One, and bring that into expression. Do you follow us, Young Master? We are leading you back to the truth of your self; that is your starting point for your True North.

Q: A reading I had said I have healing hands, and I’m wondering about a career path as a healer.

A: We bring you now into a state of expanded awareness where you are able to reflect on the origin of your question. The only way to know what resides in your heart is to be unafraid to look there. No one can do this for you, Young Master. As daunting as it may seem to your surface mind, this is a necessary part of your unfolding. Do you see how your question presumes that another has the answer to your vocation? You, my dear child, may be young in earthly years, but you are nonetheless a sovereign being of light, made in the image and likeness of the Infinite Holy One. As such, you hold creative power beyond your imagining. Do not limit yourself to another’s perception of the path that is yours to walk.

That being said, if you wish to heal, by all means you have the capacity to do so. You are so very capable, Young Master, but the process of looking to others to define you obscures this from your view. That is why we come – to expand your perception to accommodate your magnificence. You are not defined by your DNA or your circumstances, but believing this is so leads to your lethargy and irritability. We do not judge you, Young Master; it is you who have summoned us to your assistance. That is how powerful you are.

This is just the beginning of our teaching. Never forget your divinity, walking forward from this moment. You are Grace itself, Young Master.

The Oracle of the Angel Board creates an energentic bridge that facilitates communication with high vibrational beings that can assist you in answering questions about your life.

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