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Blessings Brother. I come as Athena, Goddess of War. Today I wish to speak not of war, but of healing. You are a healer Beloved, and these gifts shall be more easily accessed as you heal your own wounds, especially those inflicted at the hands of your earthly mother. It is trust we wish to address. It was an appropriate response for the wounded child to be mistrustful, particularly of women. But you are a child no longer and we wish to call forth the Balanced Warrior.

A true warrior fights only for Spiritual Truth. It is time, Brother. We of the Sisterhood of the Divine Feminine are here to support you, unconditionally. Can you feel the truth of that in your heart, Dear Brother?

Q: How is my practice/progress? Will you give me a mantra?

A: You have developed a strong resistance to all things Feminine. You project into the world an unhealthy mask of Masculine power. We say it is unhealthy because it is defensive, aggressive and therefore it is unauthentic. We know you are just discovering what authentic power feels like, yet resistance remains. It is your default setting.

We come to encourage a complete letting go, a complete surrender. We feel how your belly tightens at the prospect of truly surrendering to anything labeled Feminine. But we assure you that we of the Sisterhood hold something vastly different than anything your defensive mind is capable of conjuring. We hold the key to the very healing your heart has requested, yet you do not trust enough to accept it from us. “A mantra?” you ask. “I surrender in trust and unconditional love to the Truth of I AM.”

Q: Am I getting closer to trust?

A: Take this to heart, Dear Brother. Spiritual Truth is always simple. It only takes practice. It does not matter which practice you pick, other than it satisfies your heart. How do you know it satisfies the heart? Because it creates a feeling of coming Home. Not the earthly coming home as in returning to a dwelling place after a long day’s work. We mean home with a capital “H”.

The Oracle of the Angel Board creates an energentic bridge that facilitates communication with high vibrational beings that can assist you in answering questions about your life.

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