Kwan Yin & Lord Michael

Blessings Beloved. We come together for your assistance. I shall speak first. I am Lord Michael. I come to help you navigate the Flame of Divine Will. We see you are allowing personal will to remain somewhat of an obstacle to Divine Will. But this is part of the human condition you are working to transmute, yes? And Beloved, I wish to let you know I am here as well: Quan Yin the Merciful. How shall we go then?

Q: I am seeking transformation and the next steps in my life.

A: To know Divine Will is to know Courage. We lead you into the heart of human existence, for what you bear as your perceived burdens are not only yours. That is why we say what you learn you must share and teach others. The bright lines you thought once existed among people and their respective belief systems exist no longer. The flow of Divine Will is an eternal flame, an eternal fountain: it has Always Been and Always Will Be. The small mind attempts to convince you that it is best if it remains in charge; and you often believe it. But there is a tremendous difference between action springing from the Eternal Fountain, which is right action, and action springing from the small mind, which has its origins in separation, fear and lack.

Q:  Should I take this next job?

A: Listen well Beloved and listen with the heart of humanity: All that is not done in joy is denial. This is us offering a direction, but not between two options. Open even further to us and to the Infinite Potential. We have come to remind you to be open to the surprising places and circumstances where you may find joy. Joy is a quality of the Eternal Fountain; always there for the taking if you would but open to it. Again we remind you of your capacity for teaching and sharing. We invite you to relinquish narrow focus on the meaning of this. Accept your new expanded self, and with that, new possibilities.

Q:  What is the Eternal Fountain?

A: It is the never-ending stream of Love and Life. It is Divine Presence.  It is God, Beloved. It is the Kingdom in which everything springs from nothing. Do you see you cannot be separate from the fountain that is everywhere present? Does this help you understand your path to right action, Beloved?

Q:  I feel separation in certain friendships. Quan Yin, how should I perceive this?

A: Compassion, Beloved, is your understanding of the lack of understanding. There are those for whom you shall merely witness this lack of understanding, and there are those you will shift because of your own embodiment and radiation of Truth. See that you all stand in the fountain, butnote there are those who obscure their direct experience of it. Know that, as with all humans, this is temporary and correctable. We are not, of course, suggesting that action be taken from the small mind’s need to be right.  Stay in the flow of the fountain for there is where compassion abides.  We walk with you Beloved.  Call on us in your dreams and meditations. We always answer for we are One in the Flame of Gods Will.

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