ABQ January - February 2014

As healing arts practitioners and light workers, we wondered why there was not a spiritual, community-based magazine in Durango, CO. That wondering opened the way for inspiration. Spirit whispered in the night, “E.P.I.C. Empowering People, Inspiring Community.” From our continued desire to be of service and saying “yes” to a Divinely inspired idea, the first edition of E.P.I.C. was born. Our vision was to highlight, connect, support and expand the conscious community in Durango and surrounding areas. That was three years ago.

We were content with our humble little publication, but, as often happens when you say yea to inspiration, E.P.I.C. took on a life of its own. We were surprised, much the way parents must be when they look at their our children in dismay at how quickly they change and grow. It became clear that we were nothing more than stewards and that E.P.I.C. had plans to grow; connecting more communities and aligning an E.P.I.C. grid of light workers in the Sacred Sister cities of Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Taos, that together can forge new neural pathways in the collective consciousness of humanity.

People are ready to experience the long-awaited New Earth. That is apparent from the feedback we have gotten about this publication. There are so many of us working toward the same goal: waking people up. Our methods may differ, but our heart-centered desire for authenticity is the same. We share a common vision of a world where materialism and consumerism give way to a non-dualistic, cooperative paradigm that puts Spirit, people and our planet first.

We are like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Everyone has their piece, their perspective. Our desire is that what is shared in the pages of this magazine is experiential for you. That as you read about perspectives that may not be part of your current world view, that you are inspired to share your gifts, contributing to the creation of this mosaic that is the beautiful, new interconnected whole.

E.P.I.C. provides an opportunity to collaborate in a way that can help people create a more fulfilling, healthy and sustainable lifestyle while living our passion and purpose. We would like to thank all of the advertisers, contributors, artists and readers for their participation in, and support of, the inaugural issue of the ABQ/Santa Fe/Taos edition. We hope it is an E.P.I.C. Ride!

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In this issue:

  • Learning to Fly
  • Hemp is at Hand
  • What is the Violet Flame
  • Learning from the Way of the Horse & Shaman
  • Navigating the New Earth Frequencies
E.P.I.C. Magazine
E.P.I.C. stands for Empowering People, Inspiring Community. E.P.I.C. Magazine educates, empowers and inspires the community on the topics of spirituality, health, and sustainability. We help conscious businesses thrive and share their message.



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