Ask the Oracle: Uriel

Q: How is my new job going to work out?

A: Good day and great blessings to you Beloved! I am Uriel. I come to assist you in letting go, releasing the limiting thought patterns that suppress your true nature, your inherent joy. Let us begin with the pattern of suffering. You may exclaim, “Not true! I do not have such a pattern,” and we do not come to scold or judge, but to clear the dust and grit from your eyes.

To answer the question about your worldly work, we ask you to examine what is inside and the very patterns of which we speak, for that is what influences external circumstances. We see that your heart is heavy and we wish to alleviate your burdens. But you must let go of them in order for us to take them from you. Many of your perceived burdens come from reacting to external circumstances, or from feeling a sense of obligation, or feeling that choices are limited, or as if you have no choice at all.

We gently say this is untrue Beloved. You always have choices. Your mind does not perceive new possibilities because it is immersed in these long standing patterns. We ask you Dear Heart, “What you would choose if you always felt safe?” And we say, “You are safe.” What would bring forth the joy that has always and will always reside in your heart? You are settling for a mere ghost of joy when you try to extract joy from the world, from external circumstances. We remind you joy is not achieved: it is who and what you are.

Q: Is the Brain Fog leaving soon?

A: Indeed, but be aware that all physical manifestation of symptoms has an energetic component so always breathe, relax and know thyself; which means to be aware of your energy field at all times. Engage in prayer, meditation and quiet contemplation. Of course you know from experience that this is true: you are more attuned when you are actively practicing your spiritual disciplines, yes?

If you could see yourself as we see you, you would see that your body is indeed a temple, the home of the indwelling Holy Spirit. If you could see with our perception but for a few moments you would see these patterns of which we speak. You would understand why we call them limiting, because you would see how they prevent you from knowing your own magnificence. You would see how these thoughts draw down your life force.

The good news is that you can inflow Creator’s energy at any moment with a little awareness, a little attention. Do you see Beloved? It is not difficult; so do not make it so with the machinations of the mind. We have lifted the dirt clouding right seeing. We wish for you to call upon us in your practice. The last thing we would ever intend is for you to become stuck in an analysis of the mind’s inner workings. You cannot look at the mind with the mind; there is no objectivity. The examination of thought patterns we request is a task for the heart and to be undertaken in quietude and of course with our assistance we shall guide your process in loving Grace.

The Oracle of the Angel Board creates an energentic bridge that facilitates communication with high vibrational beings that can assist you in answering questions about your life.

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