What’s Happening to Our Skies by Eva Coover
There is something extremely wrong when our skies are continually trashed by persistent aerosol jet trails. But, it is not just wrong; it is criminal. There is no ignoring the drippy, crisscrossed trails that expand and disperse, leaving the skies completely grayed-out and milky white. These are toxic chemicals, heavy metals and nano particulates. Our air, water, soil and all life forms on this planet are being poisoned by these aerosol crimes which occur 24/7/365 over our heads. Covert climate engineering programs are responsible for this toxic fallout that is destroying our health, our environment, entire ecosystems and the entire web of life on our planet.

Author’s note: Mention of the US military in this article refers to the “Military
Industrial Complex,” and NOT the honorable men and women who have served
and are serving our great country.

The US Department of Defense, CIA and the US Intelligence Community initiated secret programs over 70 years ago that utilize stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI), commonly referred to as “chemtrails,” ionosphere heaters (H.A.A.R.P. High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program), chemically nucleated snow storms and other electromagnetic technologies using radio frequency and microwave transmission to manipulate, aka geoengineer, our climate. These technologies radically disrupt weather patterns, disrupt the hydrological cycle (cause drought in some areas and flooding in others), destroy the ozone layer and contaminate the entire planet with the toxic fallout from the atmospheric spraying operations.

This toxic fallout from the ongoing aerosol spraying is killing us. Military and commercial planes blanket our skies deploying these secret operations right over our heads. Independent testing of air, water and soil confirms high levels of barium, nano aluminumcoated fiberglass (known as CHAFF), radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, desiccated blood, mold spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, ethylene dibromide and polymer fibers.

These substances cause grave physical harm to all life forms. Massive endocrine and immune system disruption from heavy metals and chemicals result in serious health disorders and diseases. Increases in cardiac deaths and deterioration of cognitive function are both a direct result of these aerosol crimes. Other consequences of the daily poisoning are the dramatic increases in the occurrence of upper respiratory conditions like asthma, bronchitis and COPD, ear, nose and throat disorders, systemic fungal infections and chronic skin disorders such as Morgellons disease.

As the state of our health and well-being implodes, so too does our biosphere. The immense damage has led to mass die-offs of countless species in the skies, water and across the lands, leaving the condition of our entire environment in a wake of deformity and disease. Highly toxic algae blooms, rising methane levels, increasing ocean acidification, explosive mycotoxin proliferation are all made worse from the lethal spraying in our already crippled biosphere. Are we surprised with the scientists’ warning that Earth’s sixth mass extinction is well underway? We, and Mother Earth, are the proverbial canaries in the coal mine.

Besides poisoning us, another intended goal of climate engineering is to weaponize the weather. The 1996 US Air Force document, “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025,” points to secretly manipulating weather patterns, communications and electric power systems as a weapon of global warfare. Weaponized weather allows the US to covertly destabilize economies, ecosystems and agriculture, wreak havoc in financial and commodity markets, and create a greater dependency on food and aid.

Weaponizing the weather by the US government is routinely censored, just like the ongoing denial and deliberate cover up of the climate engineering crimes. This is consistent with the cover up and lies of similar issues, i.e., vaccinations, fluoridated water and glyphosate. Just as GMO foods insidiously infiltrated our food supply, without our knowledge or consent, so too have these lethal aerosol spraying programs.

As these disastrous climate engineering programs have contributed to the decimation of our planet, does that mean we get a pass for the extensive anthropogenic changes to our climate? Absolutely not. These are two entirely different evils that must both be considered when evaluating the state of our climate. Climate engineering has made changes to our climate only worse, not better.

Didn’t know the full extent of these horrific programs? Don’t recall ever giving consent? That’s no surprise. The US government and military have a long, sordid history of illegally spraying its own citizens with chemical and biological weapons in open air since the 1940s. Toss informed consent out the window. Many of these climate engineering programs receive no oversight from Congress. Not that it would make any difference. Could this be because the US Department of Defense is involved? Are these programs part of the military industrial complex and CIA rogue “black ops” that Edward Snowden leaked?

No one in any official capacity is telling the truth about this massive poisoning and there is a complete media blackout. Even the National Weather Service (NWS) and National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have been under illegal federal gag order since October 2015. And, how can it be that an environmental group like Greenpeace does not even address the humongous geoengineering elephant in the room? All are complicit in this enormous cover up.

Thankfully, there are whistleblowers and a legal alliance team working behind the scenes to expose the truths about this unfolding nightmare. An EPA scientist revealed how our drinking water is being affected. A NASA scientist is helping to report the true UV levels we are exposed to due to our damaged ozone layer. A team of attorneys from the US and Canada have initiated legal action to expose and halt the covert climate engineering assault. But whistleblowers and a legal team alone cannot expose the actions of the criminal cabal and the military industrial complex.

The only way to stop this omnicidal runaway train is to get involved to sound the alarm. A critical mass of awareness must be reached to expose and halt these climate engineering crimes. Do your own research and educate yourself. But rather than search for the term “chemtrails” (which will only lead you to results claiming they are a conspiracy theory and hoax), research the scientific terms, “stratospheric aerosol injection” or “geoengineering.” Then share the research with everyone you know and all who will listen.

Here are a few ideas how you can actively participate in educating others:

Use your social media to post
your research and encourage
others to join the fight.

Join Facebook and other
groups of concerned citizens
fighting to expose the truth
about climate engineering.

Write to environmental
groups and ask why they are
not addressing the issue.


Write to your local, state
and federal representatives
and provide verifiable data
found in your research. Ask
for an explanation about these
secret programs and demand
that they stop.

Write to your local television
station and newspaper and
provide verifiable data found in
your research. Ask why they are
not reporting on the issue. Let
them know that by omission,
they are complicit in the cover up.


Connect the dots, folks….. All available data prove these programs are the single greatest assault against the web of life ever launched by the human race. We cannot afford to ignore the evidence of a collapsing biosphere right before our eyes. We must depend on our sense of reason to override the powerful human emotion of denial in order to act. It is possible to shut this nightmare down.



Eva Coover is a resident of La Plata County, Colorado, and concerned citizen dedicated to exposing and halting the covert climate engineering programs responsible for decimating the entire web of life on our planet.

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