What We Really Want

What We Really Want In our society we are taught to look outside of ourselves for happiness and peace. We are trained to believe that when a particular circumstance comes about, when we achieve a certain desire, or when another person behaves the way that we want them to, then we can be happy or at peace. Time and time again I ask people, “What do you want?” The answers vary: one million dollars, better health, a good relationship. But when I ask what those things would bring, the reply is always the same: a sense of peace or happiness.

Because of our conditioning, we believe peace and happiness exist outside of ourselves as something that we must acquire or earn. These false beliefs have gotten in the way of the truth. The truth is, below the surface, we are peace, the peace that everything else passes through.

Our programming is so strong it has us believing lies and searching in all the wrong places for the truth. is causes constant stress, and we know all types of illnesses, at their core, come from stress. Adhering to our programmed beliefs is not only detrimental to our inner peace; it wreaks havoc on our bodies. No good can come from believing lies about ourselves.

You must see who you are NOT in order to nd the truth about yourself. Eventually, you must face your conditioning. is means being willing to see the story of you, the beliefs you have about yourself and the fears that hold you back from the truth. We all have thoughts such as, “What if I nd out I really am unworthy?” or “What if they nd out the truth about me?” It is only in facing our fear that we nd the truth of our inner being: peace.

It is frightening to give up our false stories and identities and the lies holding them all together. But facing our conditioning and confronting the fear that comes with it, opens our inner treasure chest. Your true self, the peace that passes all understanding, is revealed to have always been there.

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