Unheard Whispers

unheard-whispers The book, The Secret Life of Plants, recounts how researchers hooked plants to machines resembling lie detectors, which revealed their response to threatening behavior. Wow! Plants possess an awareness of their wellbeing and surroundings. Even more startling, the plants showed a response to their owners’ wellbeing, even if the owners were across the country. This seems like quantum entanglement: when two energies link on the quantum level and affect one another, even at long distances. Maybe plants have emotions and care about their owners?

If this idea is not delightful enough, researchers have displayed plants “singing.” The plants’ tiny vibrations are too soft for us to hear, but may account for why we feel uplifted in a botanical garden or why we calm down in nature. Unconsciously these “plant songs” lull us into harmony and a sense of wellbeing.

People have hooked electrodes to plants’ leaves and roots, and then connected them to musical instruments, producing fairy-like music: a new genre? A Mexican, named Aerial Guzik, hooked cacti to lutes and used their tiny energetic impulses to create strangely beautiful music. Another experiment at Damanhur in Italy showed plants connected to electronic instruments, producing exquisite music. You can listen to this concert on You Tube.1

Ancient stories of Atlantis suggest that highly psychic people telepathically tuned into the vibrations of the plants, asking the plants what they needed for optimal growth. According to legends in Central America, this kind of vibrational inside information improved crop growth. ese stories suggest that plants possess intelligence and consciousness.

The Kairos Institute of Sound Healing in New Mexico tested if sound vibrations enhanced crop growth. They played tuning forks and hand chimes over seedlings. The forks were tuned to the frequency made by Mars and Venus moving in their orbits and other frequencies found in space (raised octaves into hearing range).2 Their finndings showed that sound vibrations improved seed germination, quantity and quality of produce, longevity of production, pollination and plant size.3

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