Transformational Media In this ever-exploding, fast-paced, material life, our minds are compelled to ask, “Is there more?” What are we searching for? Most would say Happiness, Peace, Joy, Abundance and Love or any variation of these. Where do we turn to find fulfillment? How do we satisfy that perceived void?

The answer, as always, is best located within. At times we are sure we know the destination, but every now and then, the journey to get there can seem a bit blurred. And so we engage in a multitude of mantras, yoga postures, breathing techniques, chants and whatever helps us return to our center. We follow our inner compass. We are guided to read books, listen to music and watch our favorite romantic comedies; all of which can shift and evolve our perspective, creating “aha” moments through
relating to characters or lyrics that mirror our thoughts, desires, wishes and hopes.

How do we know we’ve achieved an inner shift? How do we validate these transformational milestones? Where do we see it reflected that we have elevated ourselves to that next rung on the ladder of life? The answers are mirrored to us in many ways and many places, and one of them is on the big silver screen. Here is where you can see you are walking your path perfectly, for you: by seeing you’re just like a character of a documentary that shares similar fears, hopes and dreams. This person is across the globe, has different colored skin, and occupies an environment so seemingly dissimilar to your own. And yet, there is still a connection.

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  1. Reading this article has inspired me and provided further proof of my later in life choice to become a health coach and a garden teacher. An re-alignment in priorities is happening and from many directions.
    I look forward to our future together and following E.P.I.C. too.
    Scott Ricci


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