Tiospaye An Invitaion

Tiospaye An InvitaionWe are Creators. Every tangible thing starts with an idea. We witness our creations as the out picturing of our thoughts, ideas, wishes and hopes. And we can see which thoughts we have manifested and those we have not. We are always creating, and the results we experience are evidence of whether we are creating consciously or unconsciously. Sometimes the results are sweet and we celebrate. Other times, not so much, and we tend to complain and blame, as if someone else did this to us. However, there is nothing outside of us. To be clear, it is energy set in motion by none other than ‘I’, as the author and creator of our lives.

What are we here on Earth to Create? When you look at the current experience you are creating, is it 100% satisfying? Are you expressing your most authentic, powerful, creative Self? Do you live in a community, a world, that is peaceful and deeply connected to each other and the earth?

If you answered no, the good news is that as the Author of your Life you can create a new paradigm! A paradigm that declares this as a New Time, a time when consciousness shifts from ‘Me to We’, a time to step out of the box of mediocrity into expansive, exciting potential and possibility. This happens when we access the power of true, authentic choice and therein lies our freedom. When we consciously come from the perspective “I get to” rather than “I have to” we create from a powerful awareness and experience a wonderful sense of liberation, exhilaration and amazing results!

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