Power of Attention When we are born into this world, there is a fully operating reality awaiting us. The family, neighborhoods, religions,cultures and school systems we encounter have all been put in place to guide our attention and beliefs. Our reality, as a human interpretation, is awaiting us at the moment of birth. With such diversity across the planet and between the various cultures, religions, lifestyles and belief systems, the human experience is a huge range of interpretations, stories and projections.

Our inheritance of this awaiting reality is what we call the First Attention – the way of being that we are first introduced to, “our first story of life” that hooks our attention as babies. Throughout childhood, all of the blanks are filled in and questions about life are answered. We live according to this First Attention version of life and reality, and our personal belief system grows from it. Most people live their entire lives within the construct of the First Attention, never really breaking it apart or realizing that they are living from a program that has been passed down from generation to generation as the only reality. This reality is perpetuated as a fact of life; while the truth is that this version of life is merely a prefabricated complex matrix of beliefs and stories that are only as real as our faith in them.

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