The Gift Of Our Own Heart By Craig Holliday

We are all so busy in this day and age, always replacing this moment for the next. We have been so conditioned by the internet explosion to always be connected to something: our phones, our computers, or our tablets. But this type of connection often lacks depth. For most of us, it is simply a way to pass the time. I laugh to myself when I see couples on a walk or sitting together in a restaurant, both scrolling through their phones; or when I catch myself lost in cyberspace while waiting to pick up my daughter from school.

When we engage in this cyberspace dance, we miss something quite profound — the absolute beauty of this moment. When we have our heads buried in our phones, we miss the beauty of the mountains, we miss the lively dance of the sunset and the clouds, we miss the presence of our dog on a walk, or the warmth of our partner’s touch; sadly, we miss so much of this beautiful life, just so that we can continually be linked on Facebook.

Ironically, this connection that we all seek on the web, is actually a deep-rooted desire within our hearts to experience the most profound connection: oneness with all of life. Yet this neurotic checking of our phones for a text or a Facebook update, will never lead us to the happiness we truly desire. True happiness only comes through deep union with the whole of life. This type of connection, though, does not come from reaching outward; it comes only through going inward to our own heart space. From this space, we can experience true unity, not through reaching out, but through dropping our own self-created walls of egoic protection.

True oneness is not experienced from the guarded compound of our egoic nature; it is experienced through surrendering into the beauty and silence of this present moment. It requires someone who is willing to let go of his habitual, guarded nature and to consciously surrender oneself into the quiet presence of one’s heart. From the openness of our own radiant heart space, when we look out at the world we do not see something we need to grasp at or protect ourselves from, rather we see what we are — radiant beauty. We see and experience our radiance, divinity, spaciousness, and this great mystery in all directions.

Craig Holliday is the author of Fully Human Fully Divine: Awakening to Our Innate Beauty Through Embracing Our Humanity. He works as a Mindfulness Based Therapist and Meditation Teacher in Durango. Visit him at


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