The Creator

When the artist says, “I am the Creator! I created this work of art” and the work of art says, “I am a work of art, the Creator created me and I create my world”, who then, is the Creator?

What happens in your world when you hear or read something that causes you to look at your life differently? Are we ever really the same after being presented with new ideas that set into motion different ways of thinking and believing?

We see millions of people around us. We see nature, we see the creatures of the earth and we see places, objects and things. We can taste the most decadent, delicious foods as well as the most vile and nasty. We can touch things that soothe and comfort and we can touch things that cause us to recoil and retract. We listen to symphonies that can stir the soul and we can hear sounds that cause our nerves to seize up in anguish.

We are surrounded by convincing evidence of a past that we were not here for; a time long gone, revealing itself through the ndings of dinosaurs, long-lost cities, skeletal remains, literature and music. We hear predictions for our future from those who possess the gift of ‘Seeing’. Life appears and seems so real because the entire experience is felt.

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