Dream TendingThe dreamtime is a world of mystery and chaos and sensuality. It is also a world of wisdom and guidance if we learn how to navigate its waters with skill and intuitive sight. This journey can bring a sense of depth and soul to our lives, the seat of meaningful experience, which, as Heraclitus said, can never be defined.

Both Buddha and Heraclitus expressed the view that change is the fundamental characteristic of the universe – nothing is stable or permanent. And, since all things flow and everything is in a state of becoming, we cannot “step into the same river twice.” Dreams are that flow. Every night they bring a river of images that
shift and change and appear and disappear. They can be stepped into and felt, but if we hold onto them too tightly, or if we tear them apart through reductionistic examination, they will lose their vitality & life, like a butterfly clutched in a child’s fist or a frog dissected in a laboratory.

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