Collaboration: The Key to a Sustainable Future

What does sustainability mean to you? I look at sustainability from a wholistic perspective that includes social systems, food systems, communities, education, healthcare, relationships, politics, family, clothing, building materials, water, music and art. It is a viewfinder; a way of not only seeing, but being in the world. My wife, daughter … [Read more...]

January-February 2017

Do you ever sit and ponder the nature of human behavior and just laugh? We are really curious creatures, aren’t we? It has been said that the natural tendency of living organisms is to seek pleasure and avoid pain. It sounds logical, but is it really true? Sure, there are the kinds of pleasures that are circumstantial, stuff we can buy, … [Read more...]

Edwene Gaines – E.P.I.C. Prosperity Expanding in Durango

What: The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity When: Monday May 4th, 7-9PM / Special Musical Guest Ace Revel at 6:30PM Where: First United Methodist Church, 2917 Aspen Drive in Durango Edwene Gaines, author of The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, returns to Durango this spring to further her passionate mission: she has made a 100% commitment to … [Read more...]