May-June 2017

A dear friend, and our business coach, recently took us through an “eye-of-the-storm” meditation. It was the perfect remedy; exactly what I needed to be reminded that we have a choice to engage in the seeming chaos swirling around us or remain calm and centered at the eye of the storm. What was so impactful about the meditation was the embodiment … [Read more...]

January-February 2017

Do you ever sit and ponder the nature of human behavior and just laugh? We are really curious creatures, aren’t we? It has been said that the natural tendency of living organisms is to seek pleasure and avoid pain. It sounds logical, but is it really true? Sure, there are the kinds of pleasures that are circumstantial, stuff we can buy, … [Read more...]

The Only Constant is Change

We all have to deal with change, whether our home is destroyed by a natural disaster, our relationship is ending, our job is no longer satisfying, or any one of the thousands of ways our experience of life shifts. Just like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, we are asked to take our Heroine’s Journey. We can choose to see change from the perspective … [Read more...]

Durango September-October 2014

September-October 2014 Issue: I’ve heard it said that it is the struggle to emerge from the cocoon that strengthens a butterfly’s wings enough to enable her to fly. If you help release a butterfly from a cocoon early, even with the noble intention of easing its apparent discomfort, the butterfly will likely never be able to fly on its own. I … [Read more...]