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cover_so16 September-October 2016: It has been like that lately. Lots of opportunities to see where I still need to expand my consciousness. And I mean LOTS. It can feel frustrating to feel like I need to surrender, yet again. But balance is not something you create one time and you’re done.

As we approach another election, I can’t help but think how many of us get thrown off balance by the negativity, the fear mongering and mean spiritedness. Let us all do our best to keep things in perspective. Let’s pay attention to our bodies, as they reveal when we are being pulled into the contracted state that results from being misaligned with what we know to be true in our hearts.

It may sound a bit cliché to say we all signed up for this, but I believe it’s true. Perhaps we shared visions that reaching that 2012 milestone would somehow create nearly instantaneous shifts in the megalithic structures that girded up the old paradigm. And while that did not exactly come to pass, we are shifting. The structures are crumbling, and yes it is scary, and yes it is okay, and yes we volunteered to be here.

We volunteered because we knew we would wake up in time to be part of the Soulution. That we could be the ones to see through the illusion, balance Masculine and Feminine energy within ourselves, be brave, do whatever it takes to bring peace and harmony to our own lives so that we could emanate that into the world. Leading the way, making it okay for others to let go of fear and shine their light ever so brightly.

So as we approach this election, Remember Who You Are. Be Present. Rely on your body to let you discern untruth from Truth. Be wary of the mind’s penchant for labeling transition and transformation as chaos. The mind does not like change. But change we must. And we are ready. We are ready to midwife a new world based on the vision that was in our hearts before we collectively took that dive into this incarnation. Let’s keep swimming together.

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In this issue:

  • Family Food Choices
  • Sonic Levitation
  • Invest in Yourself
  • The Diver
  • Understanding Manifestation
  • The Personal Energy Field



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