September - October 2013Where is the balance in our lives? Many may define balance as finding creative ways to accomplish everything on their “to-do” list without collapsing into exhaustion. That’s not balance; that’s juggling. Balance is not measured on scale as equally proportioned “to-dos” such as between work functions and family functions. Balance is not a matter of maintaining equilibrium in our outer activities; balance is a function of establishing a good ratio of inner pursuits and outer pursuits.

Perhaps you strive to spend an equal number of hours engaging in work endeavors and family endeavors. Does that achieve true balance? Or is family time consumed with an endless amount of outer goings-on? Let’s say you want to get your family out in nature, so you go camping. Being in nature is nourishing, but what is the quality of that time? If you are sitting outdoors with your family and yet your mind is occupied with the same set of thoughts that make their daily rounds, have you attained balance? Going camping is an outer activity; cultivating a relationship with your surroundings is an inner activity.

Meditation, contemplation, intentional movement and spiritual practice: these are not luxuries that we may or may not have time to fit in among all of our “to-dos”. They are necessities; they are ‘our daily bread’; the sustenance of life that each of us, no exceptions, requires. As a culture we have spent far too little time tending to our inner lives, the life of Spirit, the life of the Soul.

It is customary, in our dualistic world-view, to see inner and outer activity as two separate and distinct things, and yet the reward of cultivating our inner life is that the peace found there is carried into all of our outer pursuits. As we individually commit to tend to our Souls and recognize the value that brings to every area of our lives, we, collectively, will create the more balanced, just, loving and peaceful world we have dreamed of.

Here’s hoping this issue of E.P.I.C. will help you find true balance.

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In this issue:

  • The Vanishing Point
  • Self-care and Self-worth
  • An Empowered Birth
  • Re-Rooting Ourselves: Cultivate a Relationship with the Natural World and Your Own Wild Depths
  • Living “Fearwards”
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