How do you describe the ocean to someone who’s never seen it? How do you describe the color blue to a blind person? Sit with that for a minute … it’s hard, isn’t it? How would you do it? Maybe you form words and sentences, communicating the details to the best of your ability and now it is up to the individual you are describing it to, to get it.

What if the picture they form in their mind looks different than the images you used to describe it? Are they wrong? Are you right? How do you know? Are you sure?

The beautiful thing about our lives, the magic of our existence, is that we are all here to have a personal experience. We gather information, file it in our infinite being, retrieve it when we need it and then we use that information as a filter to process life.

Do our perceptions and the way we process information make it truth, or right, for everyone? The thing about experience is that no one else is going to take in the information and process it exactly the way we do. They are having their own, personal experience.

When you get intimate with your own Beingness, when you fall in love with what is truly you, you won’t care what others are doing. You can go about your business feeling free and alive and give everyone else permission to do just the same.

Describe the light. Describe the darkness. Is one good and the other bad? Are you sure that is exactly how it is? Chances are, you are basing your descriptions on your own impressions and understanding derived from your personal experience or using your filters to interpret information based on what someone else may have told you.

Our truth is our truth and no one else’s. But does that make it THE Truth? We gather information from personal experiences, books we read, things we hear and perhaps stories on TV. The Bible says one thing, Buddha says another and your pastor says yet another. There are many different branches of the Christian faith, each proclaiming their truth. Who is right? Are any of them really right? How do you know? Are you sure?

These are shifting times. People are awakening to something so much bigger than what we have accepted for ourselves. And we may be searching for some kind of meaning in it all. But perhaps there is no meaning, other than what we say the meaning is. What if we are all here for a rich experience? What if we recognize that experiences are rich and different and there is no room for judgment?

Now what? If we are not judging, if we are not able to point fingers and talk behind someone’s back, if we are not able to tell someone all the answers and we are not able to interject our thoughts and ideas because they really mean nothing except to ourselves, then what is the point of life?

Perhaps this is the beginning of awakening and understanding one’s self. Many espouse the teaching “Know Thyself.” When you get intimate with your own Beingness, when you fall in love with what is truly you, you won’t care what others are doing. It won’t matter if they are in alignment with your beliefs because you will finally be at peace with yourself and nothing else will matter. You can go about your business feeling free and alive and give everyone else permission to do just the same.

Now you are Living. You are Free.

If you have read this far, you must be ready to receive peace in your life. You must be ready to shift your thoughts and ideas about what is really going on in this life, your life. And you are ready to abandon the stuff that does not support your own, personal experience any longer.

Are you ready? Are you sure you’re ready? You are cordially invited to … QuEstIOn EveRyThiNG! Do not let some situation, experience or observation pass you by without asking yourself these questions:

What am I seeing? How am I seeing it? Is what I am seeing REALLY what I think I am seeing? Is it true? Am I sure it is true? How do I know for sure? Am I sure? How do I know I am sure?

At some point in this questioning process you will soon discover that life is liquid. Everything shifts and changes and nothing stays the same. You will perceive one way one day and then it can shift. That is why you can read a passage in a book one day and then reread that same passage on another day and interpret it differently. Life is liquid, ever shifting and ever changing.

Go with it. Stay fluid and allow yourself to move with the current. As sure as the stream changes directions and the flow shifts around the rocks and currents, so does life. When you question everything that you see, you arrive in a place free from judgment about what is, and you realize that it is all an illusion; nothing is real.

Let yourself be at peace with all that is. Then it won’t matter whether the person who has never seen the ocean has an understanding of what they have not seen, or a different perception than what you perceive. If they cannot grasp what is being described to them, then that is okay too. You do not have to prove yourself to anyone because you know yourself and that is all that matters.

Give others permission to walk their path and perceive this life how they want. You do not have to take any kind of ownership in that because you are doing your own thing, free from judgment. When you QuEstIOn EveRyThiNG your life becomes more and more magical by the moment.

Noël Cannon is gifted in Life Coaching, Oracle Card Readings, writing and she loves to speak on her passion of spirituality and personal development. Inviting individuals to discover their Truth through her writing, coaching and oracle readings is currently her life path. Visit or call 970.759.5255.

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