The Personal Energy Field by Judith Jubb

In recent years, the scientific community has confirmed the existence of an energy field around living beings. Frequencies of currents around the human being, which is now called the ‘Information Field’, can be recorded by electronic equipment. In the past this had been referred to as the ‘Aura’ among mystics and spiritual students. Sensitive people and even pets can discern this collection of subtle matter, or energy, which is an extension of each individual.

Using electrode headbands, EEG equipment (which charts brainwave activity for medical purposes), can be used to see shifts of vibrations as the consciousness changes between Alpha, Beta, Delta and Theta levels during states of waking activities, sleep or meditation.

Included in the human Energy Field are thought forms and patterns of energy that are speci c to each person. People with ESP, Extended Sensory Perception (note the new vocabulary) can feel or see currents and colors in the extended body, which signify emotional states, physical health, and the talents of the person viewed, all without Kirlian photographic or other technology.

Some people are trained to use pendulums or other dowsing devices to detect data in the Human Information Field for health purposes. Psychics and seers can discern contact with interdimensional beings including ancestors, guides and even Beings from other dimensions, which may be present in a guardian capacity. The ability to identify physical, mental and emotional concerns is a valuable tool.

The personality of an individual is influenced by the quality of vitality and the free will. Depending on the origin of the disharmony, such as genetic memory, trauma or biochemical imbalance, a clairvoyant may be able to suggest modalities or substances that will be helpful to bring balance. The goal is to re-establish harmony to the whole person for happiness and improved productivity. All facets of the human being are visible in the Personal Energy Field as a reflection of what is going on inside the Spirit, Mind and Body.

For instance, a person who takes time to meditate on a daily basis will project a calm smooth energy with few shadows or streaks in the field. People and animals in proximity can feel this, and they will respond accordingly. Paintings of saints and holy figures throughout the Byzantine and Medieval periods in Europe frequently depict glowing orbs around the head or the whole body, which were actually visible to some people. In Far Eastern traditions, paintings of spiritual masters and angels often include an ‘Aura’ of light emanating around them. Worldwide, we see the expression of very real light energies in these images of enlightenment and health. There are also depictions of darkness and nightmares that people carry with them causing fear and destructive behavior. These show up as shadows in the personal energy field. The purpose of prayer is to clear the mind of a troubled soul. For thousands of years, in many cultures around the world, the shaman, wise woman and priest have taken up as their first role in the community, the consolation and modification of negative emotions, before physical disruption causing misery to the
community is expressed.

It is up to the individual to understand his or her feelings and maintain balance in their behavior and health. By focusing on biochemical imbalances due to attitudes and emotions that are harmful, the individual can take right action to make adjustments, which will lead to a more harmonious existence.

Diagnosis, prognosis and prescriptions are left to the trained medical specialists with equipment to test for and address specific ailments. The herbalist, naturopath, massage therapist, chiropractor, psychologist and others are all working with energies, to help resolve issues causing pain and discomfort; hopefully before drastic measures are required. Many of these practitioners are sensitive to energy flows within and around the physical body. This Extended Sensory Perception guides them to do what they can to assist the client.

Like any other aptitude, training and practice improve one’s abilities to be effective. Every modality has certain affinities to specific illnesses and will be most effective when applied properly. Medical intuitives use an investigatory process to find the root cause of a problem. Remote viewing is often preferable to face-to-face interviews and prayers can aid the recovery process, even from a distance. This method has been used throughout time and is called ‘faith healing’.

Using one single modality by itself is rarely completely satisfactory. Human Beings are complex systems and sustaining health and wellbeing needs to be addressed on multiple levels. The new bywords Complementary Treatments or Complementary Medicine represent a number of modalities, each playing a role in maintaining our whole health, as well as encouraging us to take responsibility for our personal energy fields.

Judith Jubb is a medical intuitive and international author. Judith has traveled abroad and studied with religious teachers and Native American shamans, gathering knowledge about how we can interact with energies for enriched and more fulfilling lives on Earth. For more information visit


  1. For as long as I can remember, I’ve gotten color impressions the first time I physically touch someone. It’s like a flash of color in my brain, like a chemical reaction to having touched them. Over the decades, I’ve learned to interpret the color or color patterns with the type of person they are, and react accordingly. Have you ever heard of this?


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